Challenge details

Accessing performance functions

The performance functions are located on a cloud server managed by the organizers. The functions are evaluated upon a request by the participants (Fig. 4). The evaluation request (interfacing with the server) is a HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) request that is the backbone of modern web development and ubiquitous in distributed system communication [Podila2013].

If you are using Python or Matlab you do not have to know anything about HTTP request as we created an easy-to-use function in each of these languages to access the performance functions on our server (see Evaluate). If you are using another language then you have to have a basic familiarity with HTTP, see Other languages.

challenge framework

Fig. 4 High level overview of the challenge framework.

Other languages

If you are using a language other than Python or Matlab, or you want to make your own request directly you have to make a HTTP POST request with a JSON body to our server. The URL for the POST request: It should contain a JSON body with the following fields (the values are taken from Quick start):

   "set_ID": -1,
   "problem_ID" : 2,
   "input_list" : [0.545, 1.23]

The server returns a JSON file with 'msg', 'g_val_sys', and 'g_val_comp' fields.

The web server

The web server is hosted in the cloud by the challenge organizers and can be accessed via HTTP request. It is a Flask The server code is MIT-licensed and the source is available from |GitLab|. server. After the closure of the challenge of 2019 we open-sourced the server that can be pulled from GitLab.